Jameson: The Small but Mighty Pugweiler

What do you get when you cross a Rottweiler with a pug? The small-but-mighty “Pugweiler” of course! Meet Jameson, a unique blend of Rottie colors and a curly pug tail, who went from being discarded and injured at the shelter, to a very loved and valued member of his new Altadena family, and “doggie therapist” to his four-legged brother, Astro.

In June, the two-year-old Jameson, then known as “Shadow”, found himself at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, but quickly became a shelter volunteer favorite. On glamour shot day at Baldwin Park, UHA volunteers were so smitten with Jameson’s uncommon good looks and personality that they completely forgot to take his picture! photo (4)

It was also discovered at the shelter that Jameson had an injured front leg, possibly due to being hit by a car, which required a visit to the clinic and a giant blue splint to heal. Apparently, his former owner decided to surrender him rather than fix the fence where Jameson kept escaping. When United Hope for Animals volunteers Laura Knighten and Jileen Hohle came to pick him up to be fostered, they lamented that no one would call or be interested in an injured dog like Jameson, especially with an enormous blue splint on his leg!   IMG_2285

 Fortunately, Jameson was going to be fostered by UHA volunteer Jileen, and given a comfy, quiet place to rest and heal his leg. Shortly after settling in with with his foster mom, Jameson developed pneumonia, which was a setback. After he was feeling healthy again, he was seen by an orthopedic specialist who noted that Jameson would always have “character” in his walk, but surgery was not recommended at the time.  Once he was over the pneumonia, and the splint removed, Jileen saw that Jameson was full of energy, and maybe even a little bored of her apartment lifestyle! It was time to find his forever home.

 It was very important that Jameson’s new home would be accommodating to any special needs that he may have in the future due to his past injury, so a very special family was needed! Jileen remembers the day she and Laura brought Jameson to meet his potential new family at their home, and it was very noticeable how he fit right in. As his new dad was making lunch for the (human) boys, Jameson laid nearby on the kitchen floor as if he lived there all along. They knew he was home.  It was hard for her to say goodbye, but Jileen knew that Jameson would be living out every doggie’s dream with his new family, a home with a huge yard, and a playful dog brother to keep him entertained.

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The Heartbreak of Rescue: Remembering Digby

UPDATE: We are deeply saddened to announce that our Digby passed away last night after struggling over the last several days with unexplained internal bleeding. He seemed to lose blood as quickly as we transfused it into him, and he did not come back to us following surgery, which we hoped would explain the source of the bleeding. Digby’s loving foster moms were with Digby at the end, and told him that they adopt him – that he will always be theirs and they his.

Digby came to United Hope for Animals from the Baldwin Park Shelter, where he was suffering from Demodex mange. While a bald Pit Bull in a crowded shelter might normally be easy to overlook – Digby had unparalleled charisma and charm, winning the hearts of every volunteer and shelter employee he met. Over the last fourteen weeks, under the attentive eye of his foster family, Digby thrived and grew back a beautiful coat of fur that made him as handsome outside as he was beautiful inside.

Sweet face Digby, recovered

Sweet face Digby, recovered

Digby was an extraordinary dog – an ambassador for his often-misunderstood breed – who loved all people big and small, dogs, and cats. He was a cheerful boy who loved to swim, give kisses, and could always be enticed into a play session. Digby’s gentle soul will be deeply missed.
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Adoption Coordinators Needed

Are you a people person and love to help animals? We may have a great volunteer opportunity for you. United Hope for Animals helped set up “Glamour” Photoshoots at the Downey and Carson shelters in addition to their regular Baldwin Park Shelter shoots, and is now in urgent need of volunteers to help with getting the animals placed into adoptive homes.

What are the requirements?

Adoption Coordinators should be over 18 and be within easy driving distance of either the Baldwin Park or Downey Shelter, and be available during some daytime hours during the week and/or weekends. This volunteer’s job is to field phone calls from potential adopters and arrange for them to fill out an application and then do a phone interview and meet them at the shelter to do a “meet & greet” with the dog they are interested in.

It’s very important that Adoption Coordinators be able to respond to all calls, even if it’s just to say you will get back with them at a particular time. Adoption coordinators are an extremely important part of the our rescue efforts. The sooner we can help the dogs we photograph get adopted, the faster we can focus on and help the next dog that is in danger.

 Online Listing Managers Needed

If you are only able to work from home, UHA also needs someone who is able to add listings of available dogs to Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet and other areas, and to keep them updated when the dogs get adopted. For this volunteer position, you just need availability on a Sunday and/or Monday after each photoshoot to post the new dogs or cats online. This person should also be comfortable uploading photos and logging in and out of a website. This is a regular, ongoing commitment that requires someone to be organized and responsible to keep the information current without regular oversight.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Adoption Coordinator for the Downey or Carson shelter, or an Online Listing Manager, please fill out a Volunteer Application. If you are already a UHA volunteers, email laurak@hope4animals.org.


Shelter Support Program Success

The numbers are in! UHA is proud to present the numbers that back up the hard work our volunteers have been doing at the shelter for Glamour Shoot Day, and in networking the dogs and other pets that need homes.

The Glamour Shoot Days at both the Baldwin Park Shelter and the Downey Shelter have produced adoption rates in excess of 96% for the animals we photographed. We have also trained volunteers with the Carson and North Central Shelters in the Los Angeles County Shelter system to do their own Glamour Shoot Days to help with adoption. 

Baldwin Park

Pets Networked: 1,810
Pets Adopted/Rescued: 1,744
Pets Euthanized: 66
Adoption Rate: 96.3%

Downey Shelter

Dogs Networked: 1,858
Pets Adopted/Rescued: 1,788
Pets Euthanized: 70
Adoption Rate: 96.2%

Without our efforts, approximately half of the dogs entering the shelter may end up euthanized. 

Shelter Support Program Video

To learn more about our Shelter Support Program, you can watch this video that was recently made about us through one of our dedicated volunteers, Marissa de la Torre. Thanks, Marissa!