Jameson: The Small but Mighty Pugweiler

What do you get when you cross a Rottweiler with a pug? The small-but-mighty “Pugweiler” of course! Meet Jameson, a unique blend of Rottie colors and a curly pug tail, who went from being discarded and injured at the shelter, to a very loved and valued member of his new Altadena family, and “doggie therapist” to his four-legged brother, Astro.

In June, the two-year-old Jameson, then known as “Shadow”, found himself at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, but quickly became a shelter volunteer favorite. On glamour shot day at Baldwin Park, UHA volunteers were so smitten with Jameson’s uncommon good looks and personality that they completely forgot to take his picture! photo (4)

It was also discovered at the shelter that Jameson had an injured front leg, possibly due to being hit by a car, which required a visit to the clinic and a giant blue splint to heal. Apparently, his former owner decided to surrender him rather than fix the fence where Jameson kept escaping. When United Hope for Animals volunteers Laura Knighten and Jileen Hohle came to pick him up to be fostered, they lamented that no one would call or be interested in an injured dog like Jameson, especially with an enormous blue splint on his leg!   IMG_2285

 Fortunately, Jameson was going to be fostered by UHA volunteer Jileen, and given a comfy, quiet place to rest and heal his leg. Shortly after settling in with with his foster mom, Jameson developed pneumonia, which was a setback. After he was feeling healthy again, he was seen by an orthopedic specialist who noted that Jameson would always have “character” in his walk, but surgery was not recommended at the time.  Once he was over the pneumonia, and the splint removed, Jileen saw that Jameson was full of energy, and maybe even a little bored of her apartment lifestyle! It was time to find his forever home.

 It was very important that Jameson’s new home would be accommodating to any special needs that he may have in the future due to his past injury, so a very special family was needed! Jileen remembers the day she and Laura brought Jameson to meet his potential new family at their home, and it was very noticeable how he fit right in. As his new dad was making lunch for the (human) boys, Jameson laid nearby on the kitchen floor as if he lived there all along. They knew he was home.  It was hard for her to say goodbye, but Jileen knew that Jameson would be living out every doggie’s dream with his new family, a home with a huge yard, and a playful dog brother to keep him entertained.

 Now Jameson is well-loved by his family and mom Erin, who wanted a second dog that was friendly, cuddly, and loved people to help their other dog, Astro, become comfortable around humans and show him that people are friends. No one could be more perfect for the job than Jameson, who loves everyone! When the dogs first met, Astro was a little intimidating, but Jameson quickly learned how to set boundaries with his new dog-brother. Those boundaries were acknowledged, and the two quickly learned how to play well together, and it seems likely he’ll guide Astro with human interactions as well.  Now Jameson is the one who initiates a lot of the play with Astro and thinks it’s fun to get Astro to chase him. Jameson has grown into the role of “leader”, despite being a sweet and submissive dog.Jameson & Astro by pool

Erin is a former animal rescue volunteer herself, and has fostered many dogs. She’s extremely dog savvy and wanted to make sure the relationship between Jameson and Astro was right for both of them, which is so important when introducing a new member into the pack.  Luckily, both dogs seem to really benefit from each other and thrive in the family together.  Besides Astro, Jameson has two human brothers to play with, ages 6 and 9. The older boy is especially bonded with Jameson, and is known to call him “Jamie.”  The boys wanted a dog they could snuggle with (as much as Astro is loved, he’s not much of a snuggler!), and Jameson is certainly accommodating!

Astro and Jameson are very fortunate to have devoted humans who look after their needs. Because of Jameson’s old fracture in his front leg, he has developed arthritis as a result. This is due to his previous owner not treating the injury at the vet. Despite this, he gets around just fine now, and doesn’t seem to be in pain at all. Surgery may be needed down the road, but his foster and forever family have worked hard to help him recover and live in comfort. These days Jameson is full of spark! His family gives him supplements to prevent/manage future pain, and are planning to accommodate Jameson in other ways too, such as building a ramp up the stairs if they ever become too much of a challenge.

Currently, Jameson is enjoying the dog days of summer meeting (and being pampered by) his cousins and extended family. Not much of a swimmer himself, he is very interested in watching Astro swim in the pool, and enjoys cooling himself off in Astro’s puddles and splashes. At night, they sleep on their own dog beds next to each other (Jameson always picks the biggest one) and, not surprisingly, Jameson enjoys climbing into bed for cuddles in the morning. Snuggles and cuddles must be a pugweiler trait, as shown by the small-but-mighty Jameson! Jameson Adopted