Special “Angel” Rescues

From Baldwin Park to Maine: Bob’s Story

When Jana Savage, animal advocate and UHA volunteer,  first laid eyes on the sick kitten in the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center’s medical clinic, she knew she had to help. Chloe, as Jana named her, was suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, a skin condition caused by mites. Under most circumstances, Chloe’s chances of adoption would have been small, but this little one was lucky to have Jana on her side.

In the end, Chloe turned out to be Bob (oops!), and with the help of Jana, UHA’s Angel Fund, a donation from the Heigl Foundation, and a compassionate foster mom, Bob is now healthy, happy, and, most importantly, home. This is Bob’s story in Jana’s own words:

When I first met Bob (and for the next two months) I thought he was a Chloe. I like to think this early gender mixup has not had a lasting effect on him. By the looks of it, Bob is doing just fine these days.

Sweet Bob was suffering horribly from Sarcoptic Mange at the shelter. When I saw him in the clinic I knew I was in trouble because I just couldn’t let him fall through the cracks, and there was no way my 3 dogs would allow a cat in our house.

An amazing friend of mine, who already had a full plate with two dogs and a small child, took him in and nursed him back to health. Once Bob was healthy, she graciously said goodbye to Bob and I sent him to live with my brother, his wife and their cat, Midge, in Maine.  Bob is doing swimmingly and getting more and more acclimated to a stable and loving home every day.

My brother sent me this message: “He keeps going through phases of comfort…About a week ago he started sprawling out in all directions, when before he would always tuck his limbs in while he napped.”

Bob has completed my brother’s family and they couldn’t be happier. My brother and his wife have a loyal companion, and Midge has a best feline friend forever. The difference between when I first saw him and how happy and healthy is now is a prime example of what can happen when people join together to save a life. 

Finding Nemo A Home

Although most of the dogs that United Hope for Animals rescues come from Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, we are sometimes able to help other local facilities too. This was the case with Nemo. We recently got a call from the sergeant at Downey shelter asking us if there was anything we could do for this special dog, a little two-month-old pit bull born with a deformed front leg. As soon as we saw him we knew we couldn’t say no!

Nemo leaving the shelter, before his surgery.

We arranged for our vet to take a look at Nemo as quickly as possible, and he informed us that the leg would need to be amputated. Even though it was only 3/4 the length it should be, Nemo kept trying to use it, and it would throw off his balance and make it hard for him to walk.

UHA set about raising the money for the surgery and, with the help of additional donations to our Angel Rescue Fund, as well as a pledge from the Heigl Foundation, we soon had enough for the procedure.

The operation was a success, and just two weeks later Nemo found his forever home with a wonderful woman in Long Beach. He is doing very well and is adored by all who meet him. 

Nemo gets a cuddle from his new mom.

He is the sweetest little puppy, and so appreciative for this second chance at life, just as United Hope for Animals is appreciative to all those who helped rescue him. Without our Angel Rescue Fund, we would not be able to save as many lives as we do. 

Please consider making a donation to the fund – by clicking on the link at the bottom left of this page – so that we can continue our crucial work.

We Have Our “I” on You, Izzy!

United Hope for Animals’ Shelter Support Program is dedicated to helping dogs in need of special care or medical attention. Izzy is its latest case.

Smile, Izzy! The hardest part is over!

Some dogs come in to the Baldwin Park shelter with all of the odds against them. Luckily for them, the shelter has the sharp eyes of United Hope for Animals volunteers who reach out to the most unlucky ones and give them another chance.

Izzy is one of the lucky ones. At the fragile age of three months, she was on death row at the shelter because she had an unfortunate combination of symptoms: Demodex mange, a skin condition that is easily treatable and rarely fatal, and kennel cough, another easily treatable but highly contagious respiratory condition that is more dangerous in puppies. To top it off, Izzy’s breed – something between a Pit Bull and Mastiff – is in overabundance already at the shelter and is more difficult than most other breeds to adopt out.

Our own volunteer, Claudia Angel, saw Izzy and scooped her up immediately, saving her life. But Izzy wasn’t out of the woods just yet; at the Southern California Animal Hospital, Dr. Kumar began treating her for her mange and URI, but the kennel cough developed into pneumonia. The vet hospital staff wasn’t sure if she would make it – pneumonia is a difficult condition to predict.

But low and behold, Izzy has pulled through! After a month at SoCal, Izzy seems to have made nearly a full recovery. After another week at the vet, she will be able to go directly to a foster home, or even better, into an adopter’s arms!

Stay tuned for an update once Izzy is out of the hospital!

If you’re interested in adopting Izzy, please contact UHA Adoption Coordinator Claudia at 626-264-2614 or angelclauclau@gmail.com

Izzy is getting better and better every day. Please consider “chipping in” even a dollar or two for her vet bill. To help us help shelter dogs like Izzy in need of medical care, please donate to our Angel Rescue Fund in the middle of the left column of this page.

Sight of the Stars: Trevor’s Story

United Hope for Animals’ Shelter Support Program is dedicated to helping dogs in need of special care or medical attention. Trevor is its latest case.

A face for the big screen!

The Baldwin Park shelter is so often bursting at the seams with unidentifiable breeds that we’ve come up with our own affectionate nametag: Baldwin-ese. Trevor is one of our favorites in this category!

Trevor is a six years young neutered Doxie-Chihuahua mix who was found in La Puente as a stray and brought to the Baldwin Park shelter on May 6th. Trevor’s congenial disposition, adorable prance, and ridiculous underbite stood out to United Hope volunteers on the day of his photo shoot, and he quickly became a favorite. We also noticed his prominent cherry eye, a condition where the gland of a dog’s third eyelid prolapses and becomes visible, as seen in his Glamour Shot photo. When his time ran out at Baldwin Park, we simply couldn’t leave him behind. One of our dear volunteers took him into her home where he is currently being fostered and spoiled (like every dog should).

Once sprung from the shelter, Trevor was soon scheduled for surgery to remove his cherry eye. It turned out that he also had Keratitis – a condition where the cornea of an eye becomes enflamed and affects eyesight. Both conditions are common and usually mild, but Trevor had excess tissues attached to his cornea that needed to be removed in order to save his sight. Trevor’s vet expected that, after surgery, Trevor would be blind within a year. The surgery was very successful, and even though his sight is slightly impaired, it has not left him completely! After a visit to an ophthalmologist, it was determined that Trevor would most likely keep his vision for good!

Surgery has not downtrodden Trevor’s spirits one bit. “Trevor is wonderful,” praises Kristen. “He is almost always happy and enthusiastic. He has never acted like anything was a problem. His positive demeanor has remained steady even post surgery, when he had an ear infection, and when he had a hurt leg muscle.” (all conditions which he has recovered from!)

Melting the heart of everyone he meets, Trevor is well-behaved, well-mannered, and open-hearted when it comes to people and other dogs. “He has never met a person he didn’t like,” says Kristen. “He does attach quickly and strongly.” His favorite activity is getting a belly rub, and pretty soon after he meets you, he’ll roll over and ask for one. His favorite game is tug of war, and he’ll play it with humans and dogs alike! Trevor does think chasing his current cat companions is a fun game as well. He never hurts them – but we think he might do best in a home without cats. He loves to cuddle, be with people, and he comes when called. “I don’t need to leash him to take him out in the backyard,” Kristen says. “If he starts to leave, I call him and he comes running.” Trevor walks well on a leash (he enjoys the excursion just like any of his breed!), rides nicely in the car, and his foster mom says he is just a joy to have around.

Trevor chillin' on the grass.

Though Trevor is having a blast with his foster mom, he is currently looking for his forever home. He will be a great companion for an individual, a family, or a senior.

Trevor’s surgery was wonderfully successful, but please consider “chipping in” even a dollar or two for his vet bill. To donate towards Trevor’s vet bills, please visit http://uha.chipin.com/trevors-eye-surgery

Watch Trevor’s Glamour Shot Video!

If you’re interested in adopting Trevor, please contact UHA Adoption Coordinator Kristin at 626-393-6258 or second2teach@aol.com.