Spay and Neuter Program

Spay and Neuter Program

Unbelievably, just one unaltered female dog, her mate, and their litters can produce over 67,000 puppies in a scant six years!

While in the U.S., more than four million unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized annually, taxpayers rest assured that, in spite of this grim statistic, most of these animals die humanely and without undue suffering in the pounds and shelters across the country.

This is not the case across Mexico. The devastating poverty of Tijuana and throughout Mexico, coupled with societal acceptance of cruelty as the norm, condemns these animals to endure torment beyond imagination.

It becomes immediately apparent to anyone traveling south of the border that animals are treated quite differently in Mexico. Many thousands of homeless and abandoned dogs are blinded from the ravages of mange or end up crushed under the under the wheels of traffic, or starving while cruelly (and ignorantly) confined or tied in back yards. These poor animals are wracked with easily preventable diseases, and animals suffer unspeakable pain and lives of unrelenting horror.

A lack of resources and education presents a particularly vexing problem in advancing efforts to educate people on the value of spaying and neutering pets, which is just a beginning of what is needed to address the multitude of problems associated with their uncontrolled overpopulation problem.

In an effort to make a small dent in this issue, United Hope for Animals sponsors a monthly free spay/neuter campaign in Ensenada, Mexico. In the last 2 years that UHA has been supporting the local organization behind this campaign, 4 PAWS, more than 2,000 animals have been spayed or neutered, preventing much unnecessary suffering that would have been the inevitable result of the thousands of litters that would have resulted.

UHA’s regular financial support of 4 PAWS enables them to fix 40-50 animals per month. Your donations help UHA and 4 PAWS provide much-needed spay/neuter services to long waiting lists of low income people wanting to have their dog or cat fixed. In the meantime 4 PAWS work tiredlessly to place the litters that are dumped on them, this is why we cannot end these campaigns.

Spay/Neuter events are held in a number of different communities each month, and unfortunately some people have to be turned away at every time because there are still not enough dollars and support staff to cope with the demand. The more than 40 volunteers that make up 4 PAWS are a responsible, professional rescue group of individuals working non-stop to make a positive change in reducing the pet overpopulation problem in Ensenada.

To contribute to the Spay and Neuter program, we encourage you to make a regular monthly donation. We also have a wishlist of items (in the left column of this page) that you may purchase for us directly from this webpage through You know that your money is going directly to help animals in need.

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