Pererra Program

Americans can rest assured that (at the very least) homeless shelter pets across the United States are not terrorized in their final moment, but rather given a needle, which delivers a peaceful and virtually painless transition.

Dogs in the perreras (Mexican dog pounds) however, are unceremoniously and brutally clamped with jumper-type cables, wet down, and electrocuted repeatedly until they finally succumb. Most could not witness this wretchedness and remain unchanged.

The bitter irony for UHA remains that euthanasia, a procedure seemingly an anathema to our stated mission, continues instead, to be an integral part of it.  The truth remains that we must face the reality of the tragic, short, pain filled lives of unwanted, homeless pets; millions both in Mexico and America suffer and die needlessly.

If not for euthanasia, thousands if not millions of homeless and abandon companion animals sadly suffer starvation, injury, cruelty, and/or disease living only long enough to reproduce, thus ensuring this vicious cycle continues unabated. Via our Shelter Support Program at Baldwin park we network for permanent homes for hundreds of shelter dogs each month and are successful at finding a great many homes however, until spay and neuter becomes the norm homeless and abandon companion animals will suffer. UHA and partner organizations work to educate Mexican pet owners through a monthly spay/neuter clinics, offering spaying and neutering free of charge.

Inside the perrera thousands of homeless, hungry, injured and ill dogs are swept from the streets by animal control officials, but thanks to our supporters, the ends of their lives are not longer with fear and pain of death via electrocution.

After years of working for change in Tijuana, United Hope for Animals became the first animal-welfare organization to form a relationship with the Tijuana pound officials. [pullquote]United Hope for Animals has become the first animal-welfare organization to form a relationship with the Tijuana pound officials.[/pullquote] Via a partnership with Animals Advocates of the United States (AAUS) we have established a system of ordering and distributing the necessary medications, offering a humane passing as opposed to the perrera officials using electrocution as a means of putting down homeless dogs. While it is our goal is to persuade Mexican authorities to initiate a policy of humane euthanasia, we must until then, take the lead to ensure that the final days of so many dear (and already suffering) animals do not spend their final moment, enduring the horror and pain of death via electrocution. Via a grant to AAUS these dogs last moments are no longer spent in utter terror.

Before the Perrera Program these poor suffering dogs met their end via electrocution with two jumper cables attached to their bodies, followed by an insufficient electrical shock that usually is repeated several times to ensure death. These facts are true across Mexico and were also the case in the 6 Baja cities perrera, before United Hope for Animals developed a program for change.

Electrocution is horrific, cruel and unnecessary. United Hope for Animals and the Animal Advocates of the US have funded the Perrera program for many years now and all 6 cities of Baja, Rosarito, Tecate, Tijuana, Ensenada, Saltillo and Mexicali  are no longer electrocuting homeless dogs!  but…without your help the perreras will have no option but to return to electrocution as a means of putting down the homeless and abandoned dogs.

United Hope for Animals got its start with the Pererra Program and in helping alleviate dogs suffering in Mexican pounds from electrocution rather than euthanasia. For many years UHA partnered with The Animal Advocates of the US to run this program, but it is now being primarily funded and run by the wonderful organization that is the AAUS. Please visit their website for more information.

AAUS negotiated the end of electrocutions in San Luis Rio Colorado. The Directors for the perreras/shelters in Hermosillo, Portta, Pinasco, Cananea and Caborca have now agreed to end electrocutions in their shelters as well. Every dollar helps!  Please email Marlene Revelene or visit Animal Advocates of the United States if you would like to learn more about the perrera program.

To learn more, read about Cesar Milan’s involvement in the Pererra Program.